Wedding Packages


 Our pure white birds arrive at your ceremony in white trunks and are placed strategically for an element of surprise. We will assist you in determining the location of the birds, queue for release, and the result will be a flawless and beautiful presentation. Our birds are always accompanied by their trained handlers to ensure the safety of the doves and the seamless professional beauty of a release.

You may choose the ceremonial two bird release where a pair of birds are displayed in a beautiful cage. These birds are handed to the couple by our trained handlers.  Then the two doves are released, symbolizing a first journey together as a married couple. All packages include one of our team members attending your wedding rehearsal to ensure a smooth transition from Rehearsal to Wedding Day. The doves will only be brought to the rehearsal by special request and an additional fee. 


bronze package

A 10 bird release, accompanied by our trained handlers         


silver package

A 15 bird release, accompanied by our trained handlers     


gold package




Platinum package

A 20 bird release, accompanied by our trained handlers


Request an additional amount of birds at least 6 months in advance. This amount will be added to the gold package.



please call for a price quote in your area